We would like to communicate with our patients in the most effective way possible and we have received some great feedback regarding the use of AccuRx links and SMS texting. To enable us to do more via these methods, please ensure you read the key messages below:

1. Your mobile telephone number is always up to date.
2. Check SystmOnline or the NHS App for your recent test results and appointment details.
3. It is your responsibility to contact the Practice if you have NOT received your test results within one week of the test being taken.
4. Please respond to any message or link we may send you, even if you no longer require an appointment.
5. Any appointment link sent to you or contact will only be made 3 times. It is then your responsibility to get back in touch with the Practice.
6. Please note all tests requested by Secondary Care ie hospital bloods, xrays will not be sent to the Practice. You will need to contact the Department directly for the results. Please do not contact us.

Date published: 5th January, 2024
Date last updated: 5th January, 2024